Mark Brooker

I am highly skilled musician with 30 years of performance experience which has taken me around the world. As a performer, my career has seen me on stages in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and America as a classically trained opera singer and recitalist as well as in ensembles and as a soloist on trombone and trumpet. My musical interests have included both classical and modern styles in choirs, opera chorus, musical theatre groups, jazz bands, concert bands, small and large ensembles of any sort. I have worked extensively with choirs, amateur/professional ensembles and soloists to support and develop a healthy vocal system. My clients have include touring performers, teachers and professional voice users as well as developing singers and people who just want to have fun learning more about their musical talents.


In 2016, I graduated from Griffith University Conservatorium of Music with a Masters in Voice Pedagogy where I focused on interdisciplinary activities such as the neuroscience in singing, speech pathology, voice therapy and modernizing digital methods of teaching across many musical expressive forms.   


I teach music because I love teaching music; as an art form, as a way to build better brains, as a way to empower people and because it is a challenge. Every student is an individual and every musical sound they make should be driven by their own creativity and passion. My job is to give them the tools they need to understand, be moved by and ultimately create their own expressions in music making it a reality so other people can hear their music , vocal or otherwise.