Music has been very important to me since my dad gave me his guitar at the age of 13. I then learnt how to sing and went on to Study my Bachelors of Music Performance at the Australian Institute of Music in both Sydney and Melbourne. This in return sparked my love for travel. And if it wasn’t for my passion of music, I’m not sure how I would have succeeded in all my experiences along the way. Music brought me a number opportunities such as; performing regularly in pubs across London, busking in cities like Prague and Vienna and of course countless friendships.


I enjoy performing a wide range of styles from Jazz to Rock to Country to Hip Hop. I believe joy can be found in any form of music. I don’t think that anyone can dislike a genre, it’s that you just haven’t found the love for it yet.


Music’s great isn’t it? For all the emotions it can bring onto oneself. Not to mention the experiences that are created through it. Music has been shared throughout all of us, all over the world forever. And I’m excited to share the positivity and energy that music brings to the community of Young. So that my students can evolve and create their experiences, no matter the journey."