Mark Corkery

Hi my name is Mark Corkery and I’ve been a tutor with YRSM since 2009. One of my primary roles within YRSM and one of my key passions within my position is to run ensemble programs such as rock and concert bands and percussion groups (such as marimbas). One of the great things about playing music is being able to share the learning experience with other people, and I think that this collaborative experience in turn makes the learning even more fun! So I like to get students involved in ensembles in any way we can. I believe one of the best ways to do this is by giving students access to music that is accessible and contemporary, and then setting goals to put their learning on display in a way that they can be proud of, whether it be through public performances, private lounge room performances for Grand folks, or competitive performances in Eisteddfods and competitions.

I myself have been part of many ensembles over the years, from rock bands through to concert and jazz bands, as well as being involved in church music teams. Personally, I have found that music has been a major key in my own life in dealing with stress, finding a personal expression when it’s hard to get your ideas out, and just bringing a whole heap of joy to life. If I’m able to help other use music to do something similar in their lives, then I think we’ve kicked some goals!