Keith Doldissen

I am a local of Young. We moved into the area in 1977 and I attended both primary and secondary schools here. During my time at Young Public School I joined band and started playing drums. Once I moved to Young High School my parents bought me a drum kit and I went on to teach myself later on taking up guitar. I gained many valuable pointers by listening to fellow musician friends on picking, chords and playing techniques all of which I have expanded on over the years.

I taught my first student when I was 20 and have had a steady succession of students since this time. Bringing together 26 years of teaching experience and being a drummer in many bands over those years, I have a unique and fun way of teaching drums to any student of any age and ability. I take great satisfaction in seeing my students succeed with tailor-made lesson strategies to suit each individual student in drumming and preparatory guitar.

The ability to read and understand music is a skill which, once learnt, opens the door to a lifetime of exploration and enjoyment on any instrument. All students are given in-depth tutelage on rock drumming, swing and jazz drumming, including the fills and solos to suit each style, as well as progressive rock drumming, latin drumming and even African and other tribal styles of drumming. For me, having fun whilst drumming is the number one outcome.