Clan Muller

My musical journey began when I picked up a guitar at the age of 11. I focused on mostly contemporary and classic rock music when I started but slowly ventured into varying styles of metal. I went on to complete my Bachelor of Music through the University of New England in Armidale, majoring in both classical and jazz guitar.


For me, music is a form of expression and this is why I enjoy teaching. When a student plays along to a song or performs one on their own I can see how much they enjoy it and that is the best part about teaching. My teaching method revolves around making sure that the student enjoys what they are learning and allowing them to choose the songs they wish to learn.


I teach varying techniques depending on the style of music being learnt. I know
what the students need to learn in order to become more proficient but I teach this through what they want to learn. My goals as a teacher are to teach students how to have fun with their instrument so they will be inspired, motivated and continue to be creative.