Julie Pendlebury

I studied at NSW Conservatorium of Music in Sydney completing my studies at Canberra School of Music and University of Canberra where I graduated with a Bachelor of Education, majoring in music. During the 1970's whilst in Sydney I taught violin and piano at several private schools including Monte Sant’ Angelo, Santa Sabina, Loreto & Kirribili. From the early 80's to mid 2000's my focus took its own tree-change teaching music from Kinder to Year 10 as well as maintaining a busy private instrumental teaching practice. I also spent two years in Darwin teaching high school music as well as teaching violin at the Conservatorium Centre attached to the Northern Territory University. After teaching violin at the Riverina Conservatorium Centre at Wagga I spent 10 very happy years at Young Regional School of Music.


If ever I needed proof that my background was firmly grounded in musical education I can cite my mother, sister & aunt all of whom have spent many years in education. Her 93 years young mother still has a few piano students in Canberra!


Apart from music, my other big love is animals. I has numerous pets and have been involved in animal rescue for many years. I have played in the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, Darwin Symphony Orchestra and more recently sang with Murrumbidgee Magic; an  a cappella chorus in Wagga.


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